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Minolta Freedom Action Zoom 90 Date 35mm Camera

Minolta Freedom
Minolta Freedom Action Zoom 90 Date 35mm Camera
by Konica-Minolta
4.0 out of 5 stars(1)

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Review & Description

Minolta's Freedom Zoom 90EX date camera is a perfect companion for vacations, day trips, family outings, or anywhere the action is. It is compact and lightweight, so it's easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack. The versatile 2.4x zoom lens allows for a wide range of photographic subjects, including landscapes, groups, snapshots, candids, and portraits. A zoom lever makes it easy to adjust the zoom position while composing in the viewfinder.

A 200-step infrared autofocus system keeps the main subject sharp under a wide variety of shooting conditions. To compose a clear, focused shot, just frame your picture, press the shutter-release button partway down to lock the focus, and take the picture. The focus-hold option allows you to stay focused on a subject while recomposing your picture.

The Freedom Action Zoom 90 shoots in a variety of lighting situations with several flash modes. In auto mode, you can concentrate on your subject while the camera fires the flash when needed. If the main subject is backlit, fill flash may be selected to enhance lighting. A flash-cancel button is provided for museum shots when a flash is not permitted.

Night portrait mode synchronizes the flash with a slow shutter so you'll have enough light to capture shots in the evening with ambient light. You can also set the autofocus system to infinity to ensure sharp photos of distant subjects in a landscape. The built-in quartz data back imprints the date or time on each photo and can be switched off when desired.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2408 in Camera & Photo
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Konica-Minolta
  • Model: 90
  • Released on: 2009-11-30


  • Versatile 2.4x zoom lens
  • Easy point-and-shoot operation
  • Fully automatic focus, with focus hold
  • Multifunction automatic flash with red-eye reduction
  • Exposure modes for a wide variety of shooting conditions

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